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Every successful actor, musician, dancer and artist has endured a fair share of challenges and struggles to reach where they are today. The journey to success is fraught with challenges, especially when you are a newbie in the industry, without a mentor to guide you.

Nevertheless, if you have the will to succeed, nothing can stand in your way. And supporting you at every step of your journey will be the dynamic team at eAuditioner—the ideal casting facilitator.  

The concept of eAuditioner is the brainchild of a group of experienced entertainment industry professionals who are well-aware of the challenges and struggles of talented artists in their journey towards stardom. This team believed that there had to be a better and more effective alternative to traditional auditions, that force aspiring artists through an emotional roller-coaster of ups and downs, to land their dream role.

Thus, emerged eAuditioner—the answer to all the needs of both talent seekers and the talented!

The very idea of this innovative virtual audition platform came into being when Dr. Abiodun Howells (BSc, MB. Ch.B, MD), Founder and CEO of eAuditioner, happened to meet a group of movie artists in Lagos, Nigeria. During their tête-à-tête, the actors and director discussed the inherent challenges faced by new talents in music, acting and dancing in getting their first break, due to lack of sponsors.

This inspired the vision for eAuditioner, a unique video sharing platform that would enable fresh talent to display their inherent abilities to talent seekers in the entertainment industry through online performance videos.

Apart from Dr. Howells, the team at eAuditioner comprises of reputed Nollywood actress and CEO Lead, Ezita Franca Chinedum aka Chichi of Africa, and Solicitor Barrister Friday Owolade. Together, this dynamic team focuses on facilitating online casting auditions for deserving candidates and connecting them with casting companies and production houses that seek talented artists for various projects.

This exciting venture offers a modern and refreshing spin on the traditional style of auditioning. Before online auditioning became popular, casting was a time-consuming and demanding process for actors, musicians and dancers. Initially, there were the casting calls and portfolio screening stage, followed by auditions and call backs. Several rounds of performances and hours of time were spent during the process before the final project casting was done by the production team. And despite their best efforts, it could take ages for an artist to land a good role, with this grueling casting arrangement.

Fortunately, things have changed for the better over the years and many changes have been embraced by the entertainment industry; one of them being the advent of online auditions for casting needs.

Today, both performers and industry professionals on the search for the right talent prefer online auditions for initial selections. It saves valuable time and money and is in fact the practical and efficient way to break into the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, the challenge was always to connect with the right contacts for the purpose.

This is where eAuditioner plays a crucial role!

EAuditioner is a division of Howells Enterprises LLC, that was founded in 2018 to champion the use of electronic auditions as the practical and efficient solution for talent casting in all branches of the entertainment industry.

EAuditioner seeks to reinvent how the entertainment industry works by making casting simpler and streamlined. Our professional service empowers talented artists and production companies with a connecting platform to find the perfect opportunities or the right talent, based on whether you are an artist or a client. Here is how!

How to get discovered with eAuditioner

Whether it is a commercial, television or theatre project, the sophisticated casting platform at eAuditioner allows artists to share audition videos with production and casting teams and get selected, all from the convenience of your home.

Our professional service gives artists the unique opportunity to apply to roles across different fields of entertainment through audition videos that highlight your skills in acting, music, dance or other performing arts. These audition videos can be taken at any place you choose and include anything you want to portray. You can even create multiple videos to highlight various skills.

Simply upload these audition videos on our website and it will be accessible to the experts at industry production houses and casting directors, who can express interest in their profile and connect with you directly via the eAuditioner platform.

We also offer access to open casting calls and contests, without the long queues for that one chance which you may or may not get!

Find limitless opportunities to highlight your talents and apply to casting contests that bring you one step closer to achieving your dream, only with eAuditioner. If you have the talent, we give you the opportunities to highlight it and find your big break with the industry’s best!

Complete your end-to-end casting needs at eAuditioner

EAuditioner is the choice for industry professionals to search for fresh talent directly or host various contests and competitions and find the right artist for their job, from a pool of creative artists. Watch or listen to music, dance and acting auditions online to shortlist the best talents and connect with them through our system.

We also welcome you to advertise details of available roles, hold talent contests and invite actors, musicians and dancers to apply to your upcoming movies, musicals or theatre productions. As one of the biggest talent networks, eAuditioner is the perfect platform to sponsor competitions and track and view auditions online. Use this golden opportunity to evaluate applicants, interact with chosen candidates and lock the perfect cast for your project, all for a nominal fee.

Partner with eAuditioner to apply or place casting calls, and watch your dreams come alive. We offer you unbeatable options for sourcing and managing talent through ultramodern solutions for secure video sharing, talent submission, auditioning and client communication, that is guaranteed to take you one step ahead of the game.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore eAuditioner and find the solution for all your casting needs today. Save time, energy and effort with this well-organized, streamlined arrangement that will ensure that your auditions are a breeze from when you begin casting, to the day of production.

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