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Welcome to eAuditioner—the revolutionary online audition platform to unveil your talent, connect with prominent names in the entertainment industry and get discovered!

Whether you are a talented artist looking for your dream role or a client on the search for the right talent for your upcoming project, eAuditioner is the one-stop destination for all your needs.

Our unique and innovative web video platform is a casting frontier for talented artists to present themselves and showcase their abilities through audition videos to potential clients from the music, film and performing arts industry. As a successful talent matchmaker, we introduce artists to sponsors quickly and easily, without any of the hassles of a traditional audition.

History and Evolution of Casting in the Entertainment Industry

Back in the old days, casting for the music, theatre and film industries was a Herculean task for artists as well as production companies.

Everything started with the production company, whether it was into film, theatre or music, announcing roles through advertisements. Aspiring candidates would then submit their portfolios through local agents, to apply to these roles. Shortlisted applicants would receive audition calls, which entailed travelling to the client’s preferred venue to deliver a performance in person and at a time specified by the client.

The nature of the audition would depend on the casting director’s preferences. So, a candidate may have to perform a rehearsed piece or do a cold reading. Actors typically would do sample script readings, while musicians and dancers were expected to sight read music or attempt new choreography.

Only the best candidates would receive a callback and once they did, they would again compete against other wannabes for the role. In the end, the casting director would run the final list by the producers and directors and make the final casting call.

See how complicated and time-consuming the entire process was?

Whether it was a central role, supporting role or even that of an extra in a production, artists had to spend significant time, energy and effort to audition for roles that he or she may or may not get in the end?

Fortunately, things have changed with the advent of technology. Casting companies are embracing newer and more efficient methods to identify and hire artists for their projects. Today, all you have to do is believe that you have the talent to make it big, and you can secure a part in your dream production without even leaving the house!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, electronic auditions are the way to go for the modern entertainment industry, and eAuditioner is a legit audition website that sets the scene for aspiring artists to be discovered by big names in the entertainment industry.

Here is how we make this happen.

EAuditioner—the efficient and smart solution for talents and talent seekers

EAuditioner is a web platform designed to specifically meet the needs of the entertainment industry by bridging the gap between job seekers and entertainment production companies.

Looking to make your career?

We can help you make your talent shine and hard work pay off by connecting you to the right contacts.

Looking to recruit?

We will help you reach the right talent for the job through legit casting auditions, virtual online talent competitions, and everything you need to locate the right candidate.

Details follow.

EAuditioner for the talented

Hundreds of talent seekers visit our website every day in the pursuit for suitable candidates for various projects. They seek talented artists for their productions and do not wish to go through the hassles of endless advertisements, portfolio screening and other laborious stages of casting.

So, if you believe that you have the talent to make a name in the field of music, dance, theatre, film or performing arts, here is the platform to highlight your skills and be noticed by clients who are on the search for candidates like you.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced actor, model, dancer, singer or musician, we connect you with the right type of clients to take your career forward.

Set yourself up for success by creating your profile on eAuditioner. Then, set up your presence by uploading videos to our website, that showcase your skills and talent. We will promote your profile and notify you of suitable casting opportunities, thus ensuring that you get noticed by the right people.

EAuditioner also hosts a variety of talent contests that are sponsored by big names in the entertainment industry. Use these opportunities as your gateway to a successful career by participating in them and giving it your best shot!

Remember, your dream career is just a step away, with eAuditioner!

EAuditioner for talent hunters

Searching for an artistic genius to fill a complex or challenging role in your upcoming project? Or looking for a fresh face or voice to introduce through your next production?

Look no more, for eAuditioner is home to uniquely talented artists just waiting to be discovered!

Search through our database to watch their best video performances and recognize the ideal contestant in an instant, for your project.

As a bridge between talent seekers and the talented, we charge a nominal fee to share contact details with you, once you choose the artist you wish to hire.

EAuditioner also offer sponsors the unique opportunity to host casting talent contests. Use our platform to set up your contest and welcome entries from candidates to deliver structured performances as per set instructions. Partner with us to discover and hire only the perfect candidates for your production, in an easy, straightforward, and hassle-free way.


The exclusive eAuditioner Advantage

The team at eAuditioner is dedicated to making dreams come true for all those who work with us, and is a talent casting website with the following unique advantages

  • Enthusiastic team of experienced professionals from the entertainment industry on board, to help you gain the upper hand in the highly competitive and sophisticated entertainment industry
  • Extensive promotion and advertisement of candidate profiles to ensure you gain the exposure you deserve
  • Unique platform to develop the skills and experience to land bigger and better roles
  • Brings you the tools you need to highlight your skills and improve chances of finding casting opportunities
  • Offers the unique opportunity to connect and interact with established industry names and get a foothold on a lucrative career
  • Helps you connect with capable and deserving candidates without losing time or money on tiresome initial casting processes

Join us today and discover the exciting and hassle-free way to casting, with eAuditioner!

Let us do all the work to connect you with the right people and make your dreams come true!




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Pay the service charge for your selected contestants. eAuditioner will connect you to your selected contestants paid for via paypal.


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