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Welcome to the eAuditioner Events Page!

This is your destination for all the latest updates and hot news on what is happening in the entertainment industry!

Learn about all our upcoming events, contests and results, talent training workshops, celebrity interviews and other exclusive events on this space.

At eAuditioner, our team is committed to giving opportunities to all our talented members and ensuring that their participation paves the way to a well-deserved break in the entertainment industry.

We bring you the unique chance to learn, participate and be evaluated by the top names in the industry through our various initiatives, details of which will be updated on a regular basis on this page.

Whether you are just starting out or are slowly advancing along the ladder of success, enhance your chances of making it big in the industry with support from the expert team at eAuditioner.

Find all the action at eAuditioner here, on our dedicated Events Page. Here is what this space is all about.

Upcoming auditions and contests

EAuditioner is your one-stop destination for diverse audition and casting opportunities. Be the first to know about all upcoming contests and auditions by subscribing to this space on our website.

Our calendar is chock-full of talent competitions and contests for the skilled members on our platform. Get a head start on preparing for your dream role audition by knowing what to expect and when, by studying our contest calendar that displays upcoming competitions well in advance.

With timely updates of multiple audition contests in the movie and music industry, we endeavor to improve your chances of getting noticed and being hired for your unique skills and abilities. Compete against other contestants to land your dream role or win talent auditions that will enable you to get ahead of the game, only at eAuditioner.

EAuditioner encourages public voting for many contests. Website visitors are welcome to view audition performances and vote for their favorite entries. Apply to ongoing competitions and invite your friends and family to vote for you. Find out where you stand and what you can do to improve your chances through audience reviews and voting statistics on our platform.

Interviews and advice from the experts

Breaking into the entertainment industry is no easy feat, even if you are a Star Kid. So, we are sure you will appreciate well-intended advice from industry mentors who have already made it big.

EAuditioner aims to make your journey to stardom as easy as possible, by bringing you advice and tips from those who have preceded you in the entertainment industry. Learn valuable tips and advice from actors, musicians, dancers and other professionals in the industry to know exactly what this trying journey entails, and plan and prepare for all upcoming challenges.

EAuditioner provides you access to celebrity interviews, talent demos and shows by the biggest names in music, movie and theatre. Learn from one-on-one talks with prominent personalities and gather valuable tips and insights on making your career click. Our advice forums, lively chats and discussions will deliver the support and encouragement you need, to progress towards your dream.

Competitions and contests to watch out for

At eAuditioner, we do not believe in sitting around, waiting for the perfect chance. Opportunities do not wait for anyone, and an opportunity lost can never be regained.

So, take the reins and push yourself forward in your journey to success through the various opportunities we advertise on eAuditioner.

Through our dedicated web page, learn not only about the latest contests on our platform, but also about interesting events and contests taking place elsewhere in the industry. Discover all details and keep track of upcoming projects in the television, movie, music and theatre world through our website.

You never know when success will strike, and we prepare you earnestly for every plausible opportunity. Use the information that we update on this page to finally get what you always wanted! Learn about what to look out for and embrace every opportunity that may change your future forever!

Do not forget to bookmark and visit our Events Page regularly, so you do not miss our notifications and updates. Also subscribe to our mailing list and newsletter to have fresh updates delivered directly to your inbox.

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eAuditioner is a video sharing website where contestants compete with each other for votes and sponsorship.

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